Third Eye Books Grand Opening 6/20/21 - Special Appearance by Author Tianna Bartoletta

Who is Tianna Bartoletta? Born Tianna Madison in Elyria, Ohio she’s the daughter of Robert and Jo Ann Madison (Martial Artist, and Dancer respectively). She’s the middle child her older sister Adrianne is a nurse, her younger sister Christina a world renowned oil-painter both of whom were track athletes. On the surface Tianna’s an American track and field athlete who specializes in the long jump and short sprinting events.

She’s got nine global championship medals. Three Olympic gold medals. Three World Championship Gold Medals. Three World Championship Bronze Medals.

Truth is though, that’s what Tianna does…it’s not who she is. Not even close.

Survive and Advance is her memoir.

It’s a deep dive into the makings of the woman you see today. An intimate look into the mindset of a champion. A story of both tragedy and triumph. Tianna craftily shares her journey through stories of a life spent running.