100K Free Children's Books on Racialized Healing - Make a donation today!

The Addieun Foundation is giving away 100,000 free books (and accompanying soundtracks) to children, educators, and libraries to share the beauty of healing within the bodies of children, helping them to create more generative moorings in a system of marginalization and white body supremacy.

Written by New York Times bestselling author, Resmaa Menakem, and acclaimed actor T Mychael Rambo, The Stories from My Grandmother’s Hands is a powerful lesson in contending with racialized trauma. It follows the journey of our grandmothers with hands calloused from picking cotton who pass down their stories, strength, and joys to their grandchildren. These grandmothers sing, clap, rock, and play music. They are the living embodiment of how generations of Black bodies have dealt with the traumas of white body supremacy. Children will learn to value the gifts of their caregivers and grandmothers and how they teach them to recognize energies in their own bodies through the practices of cultural somatic toys.

With beautiful illustrations by world-renowned artist, Leroy Campbell, this book features different pigmentations, gender breadth, and ableness within black diaspora.

Through special events with up to 10 Black-owned bookstores, we will provide 100,000 free books and soundtracks to children and caregivers across the United States. Your help is needed to make this meaningful work a reality. When we learn to harmonize, that harmony can turn into a culture of resilience, resource, and flow.

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