Black Panther: A Cultural Exploration

Black Panther: A Cultural Exploration

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Take an engrossing deep dive into the cultural influences of Black Panther, from the development of the Marvel Comics character in the 1960s to his current worldwide renown.


Black Panther was created in 1966 by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the midst of the civil rights movement and just before the birth of the Black Panther Party. Subsequent creators have drawn from global history and the ever-evolving Black experience to breathe new life into the character, weaving in stories of both oppression and triumph. The Black Panther mythos has had an enormous impact on both comic creators and the people who have helped shape Afrofuturism.


Black Panther: A Cultural Exploration delves into the compelling backstory, including:
  • A full history of Black Panther, from the character's comics debut to current comics and film appearances
  • Iconic artwork and quotes from decades of Marvel comics
  • A breakdown of real-world influences that helped inform the society and culture of Wakanda

Connecting the world of Black Panther with cultural and historical touchpoints and the community of readers whose lives were shaped by the character and his comics, Black Panther: A Cultural Exploration explores the worlds, myths, music, and histories that contributed to the comic's evolution. Wakanda forever!