I Would Love You Still

I Would Love You Still

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A trip to the zoo inspires a parent to list all the ways they love their child, no matter how wild they are, in this rhyming picture book

What if you had cheetah spots? Or flew like an eagle? Follow a parent and child from a fun-filled trip to the zoo through a mess filled day and all the way to bedtime. No matter how wild a child is, a parent's love never wavers. 

If you sang like a screech owl in the night, I would be there to hug you tight.
If you crawled like a gecko up the wall, I would still love you best of all.
If you dangled upside down like a possum in a tree, that wouldn't matter at all to me!
I would love you still.

Cuddle up at bedtime to share these charming animal rhymes and giggle at the adorable illustrations. This celebration of the special bond between parent and child is the perfect gift for baby showers, new parents, or any occasion!