In Search of Gil Scott-Heron

In Search of Gil Scott-Heron

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Singer, poet and writer; considered to be the godfather of rap, Gil Scott-Heron is a myth and legend in the Afro-American music scene.


Through his personal experiences, Thomas Maucéri allows us to discover the life of this genius along with other aspects of America's recent history.


Gil Scott-Heron is one of the most important artists of the past 60 years, and is widely credited as laying the foundations for modern hip hop as we know it. This gorgeous graphic novel follows the author as he attempts to track down the elusive "Godfather of Rap" for an interview that never seems to happen, while examining his target's music, controversial life, and lasting political and cultural legacy.


Also included is a bonus article extensively reviewing Gil Scott-Heron's career and influence on music history.