Laguardia Deluxe Edition

Laguardia Deluxe Edition

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Deluxe hardcover edition of the Hugo and Eisner Award winning graphic novel! Exclusive extras include a chapter of Okorafor's script, a new cover and never-before-seen art from Ford, a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process, extensive process art section, and more!

 On a planet Earth bursting with integrated extraterrestrial life, pregnant doctor Future Nwafor Chukwuebuka is fleeing Nigeria under mysterious conditions. Her fiancé doesn't know she's left, and she's smuggling an illegal, sentient plant into NYC. There, she'll be thrown into a vibrant immigrant community of humans and aliens, fighting for social justice and facing her past and her unexpected future.

 But to come to America, you must come through LaGuardia Interstellar and International Airport... and it's still under construction. 

 "Science fiction, fantasy, YA, short stories, novels... and now comics. Nnedi Okorafor does it all. LaGuardia is a powerful, entertaining story about an important issue, beautifully drawn, with fun aliens. Read it!"

 -George R.R. Martin


"Prescient and profoundly inventive, LaGuardia is a tale of hard-won hope in a world that is both familiar and freshly reimagined. Okorafor and Ford bring unique characters together to tell a story about what it takes to live by your principles, and to create a different - and better - world with the family you choose."


- G. Willow Wilson


Nnedi Okorafor expands the comics medium with her innumerable talents, stirring vital conversations about race and immigration. LaGuardia explores how the macro scale of interplanetary exchange and the micro scale of plant consciousness can unlock the solutions to global politics, cultural clash, and refugee crisis. Tana Ford's ink line imbues all species with warmth, empathy, and playful sci-fi detail."


-Craig Thompson


"Okorafor at her best; both timely and weird. LaGuardia jabs pointed fingers at here-and-now paranoia centered around borders and race, while having wild fun creating some of the best extra-terrestrials ever." - Nalo Hopkinson ( Sandman: House of Whispers, Sister Mine)


"LaGuardia is unique, playful, heartbreaking, empowering and full of hope for the future. The wisdom Okorafor imparts in each panel pushes back against the darkest urges of our human nature and creates a space that lets us all live." - John Jennings


Instead of tossing around volatile political issues like a knee-jerk twitter debate, LaGuardia imagines them through the lives of authentic and engaging characters, placing them into a surreal, but shrewd, reflection of our current reality. Ford's art deftly balances the unique mix of intense personal drama and cool alien worldbuilding" - Sean Murphy ( Punk Rock Jesus, Batman: White Knight)


"The best of Okorafor's prose-- personal, political and deeply relatable."


"With Laguardia, Nnedi Okorafor continues her work of bringing a unique, insightful Black African science fiction aesthetic to audiences." - Black Nerd Problems