The Gingerbread Man by Eric Kimmel

The Gingerbread Man by Eric Kimmel

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A delicious take on a classic story. . . .

When an elderly couple decides to bake gingerbread one day, they have no idea what they're getting in to. As soon as the gingerbread man is all dressed up in his peppermint buttons, he leaps off the table and runs out the door!

Chase along in Eric A. Kimmel's retelling of this classic kids story as the man and woman, a dog, a pig, and more pursue the quick-on-his-feet cookie in a simple text, perfect for reading aloud, featuring strong patterns and repeated refrains that young listeners will want to read along with.


The gingerbread man runs and runs, as fast as he can . . . until he meets a wily fox, whose promise to help him escape isn't all it seems.