We Want Our Bodies Back: Poems by Jessica Care Moore
We Want Our Bodies Back: Poems by Jessica Care Moore

We Want Our Bodies Back: Poems by Jessica Care Moore

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 Review Quotes:
"Our plump, perfect, shea-buttered bodies. Our sun-scarred sinewy selves. Our stout tree-trunks, our walls. Our muscled forearms, our thick thighs, our phenomenal asses. Our weary hands. Forever, black women have shouldered the weight of the same world that denies their power and sway. The inimitable jessica Care moore--who has spent her life singing the most forceful notes of our soundtrack--is calling an end to that now. If We Want Our Bodies Back empowers you, it was meant to. If this book frightens you, it should."--Patricia Smith, poet, playwright, author of Incendiary Art

Over the past two decades, jessica Care moore has become a cultural force as a poet, performer, publisher, activist, and critic. Reflecting her transcendent electric voice, this searing poetry collection is filled with moving, original stanzas that speak to both Black women’s creative and intellectual power, and express the pain, sadness, and anger of those who suffer constant scrutiny because of their gender and race. Fierce and passionate, Jessica Care moore argues that Black women spend their lives building a physical and emotional shelter to protect themselves from misogyny, criminalization, hatred, stereotypes, sexual assault, objectification, patriarchy, and death threats.

We Want Our Bodies Back is an exploration—and defiant stance against—these many attacks.